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Human Rights Reporting

Resources to use UN human rights mechanisms to complain of human rights violations, emphasizing those relevant to abolition of forced psychiatry.  This page includes:

  • General "how to" materials on human rights reporting
  • CRPD-related materials
  • Examples of human rights reports done by users and survivors of psychiatry


Note: CHRUSP does not endorse the view that it is necessary for the disability community, or all NGOs, to produce a single comprehensive report.  Users and survivors of psychiatry may do better to present our own report, particularly when other coalition members do not support the abolition of forced psychiatry and do not respect our authority to define our own human rights ("nothing about us without us").  

It's also important in our view, to not think of these materials as a guide to human rights standards, as many of them contain inaccurate information on the CRPD and other standards related to abolition of forced psychiatry.  Please refer to CHRUSP Resources and other pages on this website.  And if you are thoroughly confused, please be patient with us as we work on developing CHRUSP into an organization that can offer more systematic help in these areas.  You are always welcome to email us through the Contact page if you have particular questions.

Using Human Rights Mechanisms, by Tina Minkowitz (focused on advocacy by users and survivors of psychiatry / people with psychosocial disabilities)  


General materials

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) NGO Handbook

University of Oslo Field Officers Guide on HR Monitoring

Torture Reporting Handbook

Guidelines for shadow reporting of ICCPR committee



CRPD Reporting Guidelines

CRPD Working Methods

WNUSP Implementation Manual on the CRPD

OHCHR handbook for human rights monitors on the CRPD


Human rights reports

CAT Report by Stichting Mind Rights, Netherlands (2013) and summary

CAT Report by Japan National Group of Mentally Disabled Persons (2013) also graphs and summary

CAT Report by Speak Out Against Psychiatry, UK (2013) 

Report to Human Rights Committee monitoring International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) - U.S. 2006

Report to Committee Against Torture - U.S. 2006

Report to Universal Periodic Review - U.S. 2010

Report to Committee Against Torture, Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - Germany 2011

Report to Human Rights Committee (ICCPR) - Norway 2011