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International law materials 

CRPD - the treaty and its monitoring body

Other UN human rights mechanisms

Regional human rights mechanisms 

National law reforms implementing CRPD

Other relevant thematic instruments

How to use UN human rights mechanisms

A guide from survivor/mad/psychosocial disability perspective (pdf) (doc)

Key civil society materials from survivor/mad/psychosocial disability perspective




Individual writers

Other organizations of people with psychosocial disabilities/ survivors/ mad community

Legal capacity

Legal standards

Philosophical framing

Psychosocial disability perspectives

National good practices

Access to justice

Fair justice


Abolition of forced psychiatry

International law standards

Amicus briefs

Briefing papers and slides

Longer papers

[Arbitrary detention


Harmful cultural practice]

Positive entitlements

Independent living

Crisis support

Economic and social rights - housing, employment, adequate standard of living etc.

Intersectional oppressions

Psychiatric violence against women

Punitive psychiatry against people of color (US)

Psychiatry as colonial imposition

Related oppressions and movements

Rights of older persons

Restorative/transformative justice