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Abolition of forced psychiatry

International law materials

CRPD General Comment No. 1 and Corrigendum

Guidelines on Article 14

WGAD Basic Principles and Guidelines

Special Rapporteur on Torture 2008 2013 2021

CEDDIS Practical Guide

Amicus briefs

CHRUSP third-party intervention to European Court of Human Rights on draft Oviedo Protocol (2020)

ENUSP et al third-party intervention to European Court of Human Rights in Koroviny case (2013)

Minkowitz third-party intervention to CRPD Committee on forced psychiatric interventions (2016)

Minkowitz/CHRUSP amicus brief to Colombia's Constitutional Court (2020) 

Briefing papers and slides

Forced interventions as torture (2004)

Forced interventions and institutionalization as torture/other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (2007)

CHRUSP et al recommendations for OPCAT monitoring of psychiatric institutions (2010) 

WNUSP forced psychiatric interventions as harmful cultural practice (2011)

WNUSP/CHRUSP submission to OHCHR for study on violence against women with disabilities, documenting forced psychiatry legislation and practices (2011)

WNUSP/IDA submission to SPT on 'mental health and places of deprivation of liberty' (2012)

ENUSP/IDA/MDAC/WNUSP submission on torture in health care context (2012)

Psychiatric torture testimonies on CHRUSP website (2013)

Absolute Prohibition Campaign website (2016)

Longer papers 

Minkowitz, UN CRPD and the right to be free from nonconsensual psychiatric interventions (2007)

Minkowitz/CHRUSP, Why Mental Health Laws Contravene the CRPD (2011)

Minkowitz, Response to report by UN Special Rapporteur on Torture regarding nonconsensual psychiatric interventions (2013)

National advocacy and shadow reporting

WSO et al shadow report to Human Rights Committee (2011) 

CHRUSP et al shadow report to Human Rights Committee on forced drugging (2013) 

ActivaMent shadow report to CRPD Committee (2019)

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