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Access to justice

International law content

Guidelines on Article 14 (2015)

OHCHR background note on right to liberty and security of PWD and Conclusions (2015)

Basic Principles and Guidelines on Remedies for Arbitrary Deprivation of Liberty (2015)

Basic Principles and Guidelines on Remedy and Reparation (2005)

Principles and Guidelines on Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities (2020)

CRPD and criminal justice system

Amicus brief to Mexican Court on inimputability/treatment of 'inimputables', Minkowitz and Fleischner (2023) - Spanish and English

Access to Justice Knowledge Hub Policy Brief (English) and Spanish and Chinese

Amicus brief to ICC in Ongwen case (insanity defense), Minkowitz and Robert D. Fleischner (2021)

Minkowitz, Rethinking Criminal Responsibility (2015)

WNUSP discussion paper on mental health and prisons (2010)

WNUSP advocacy for revision of the Standard Minimum Rules on the Treatment of Prisoners (2011) NB the revised SMR continues to provide for transfer to mental health setting of persons deemed non-responsible

Minkowitz presentation to expert meeting on SMR revision (2012)

WNUSP/CHRUSP submission on SMR revision (2012)

WNUSP/PANUSP/CHRUSP statement to 2nd meeting on SMR revision (2012)

WNUSP/IDA submission to SPT on 'mental health and places of deprivation of liberty' (2012) 

Reparations for forced psychiatry

Orefellen, Torture and other ill-treatment in psychiatry – urgent need for effective remedies, redress and guarantees of non-repetition

Minkowitz, Forced psychiatric interventions: right to remedy and reparation