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Legal capacity

International law materials

General Comment No. 1 and Corrigendum

CEDDIS Practical Guide in Spanish, English, Portuguese

National law reforms

Peru (in Spanish) and English translation with commentary

Colombia (in Spanish)

Amicus briefs

Minkowitz/CHRUSP amicus brief to Colombia's Constitutional Court (2020)  

Briefing papers and advocacy

WNUSP text proposals (2003-4)

WNUSP advocacy note on legal capacity (2005)

IDC briefing on legal capacity (2006)

IDA CRPD Forum principles on Article 12 in English and Spanish (2008)

Minkowitz intervention for Day of Discussion on Article 12 (2009)

WNUSP on Article 12: Legal Capacity as Right, Principle and Paradigm (2011)

WNUSP/CHRUSP advocacy for general comment and Annex (2011) 

IDA position on functional capacity in English and Spanish (2011)

IDA advocacy on draft general comment (2011)

Joint submission supporting the draft General Comment (2014)

Support for decision-making

CACL paper

PO-Skåne and supported decision-making (2005)

Minkowitz, Supported decision-making (slides) (2007)

Minkowitz, Alternative to Functional Capacity (2014)

Minkowitz, Legal capacity from psychosocial disability perspective (2014)

Minkowitz, Reimagining Crisis Support: Matrix, Roadmap and Policy (2021)

Equal legal capacity

Minkowitz, Norms and implementation of Article 12 in English and Spanish (2012)

Carlos Rios, Todos somos incapaces (in Spanish) 

Minkowitz, CRPD and Transformative Equality (2017)