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Good practices

This page is a work in progress.  The CRPD is silent on the question of how supports should be implemented, and whether mental health services in particular represent a retrogressive or neutral option for the future (they cannot be unequivocally positive in light of their undoubted historical, and present, perpetration of serious human rights violations).  

Tina Minkowitz is working to develop a conceptual model for crisis support based in Articles 12 and 19 of the CRPD, independent from mental health discourse and practices.  Resources from that project are included on this page, along with other resources on alternatives to, and within, mental health services, that comply with the abolition of forced psychiatric interventions.

Disclaimer: CHRUSP recommends the enclosed materials but does not necessarily endorse every recommendation or position in every document other than our own.

Crisis support based on Article 12 and 19 of the CRPD

Positive policy to replace forced psychiatry, based on CRPD

Discernment as process, not precondition

Towards Positive Policy (working notes that led to later papers)

Materials from joint side event on Human Rights, Mental Health, and Alternative Supports (June 13, 2017)

(Apologies to moderator Diane Kingston, whose opening remarks were not captured on video)
Lucila López's presentation in Spanish original, corrected English version
Sera Davidow's presentation, talk and slides
Jolijn Santegoeds' presentation
Michelle Funk's presentation
Tina Minkowitz's presentation
CHRUSP handouts for Minkowitz presentation:

Event flyer

Living independently as equal members of community

Report on workshop for model law of inclusion

Disability Integration Act (introduced in US Congress)

Intentional Peer Support

Mental Health Policy and Human Rights

WNUSP/IDA Response to WHO Draft Global MH Action Plan


Minkowitz on Reparations (Open Minds article)

Legal Capacity

Peruvian Legal Capacity Reform - Celebration and Analysis

CHRUSP Model Law Guidelines Based on India Proposals

Mexico City Human Rights Commission Report and Plan of Action

Costa Rican draft legislation

CACL Report on Alternatives to Guardianship

India Draft National Trust Act Amendments and Draft Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Harmonizing Laws

India Final Bill on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (not yet enacted)

Supported decision-making and Alternatives to Coercion

Personal Ombudsman - PO-Skåne

Manifest of Stichting Mind Rights

Intentional Peer Support

Trauma-informed support

Laura Prescott speech

Healing Neen video

Beyond Closed Doors video

Daniel Hazen presentation on mental health, criminal justice and trauma

Different ways of looking at Madness

Beyond Belief - Tamasin Knight

Hearing Voices Network

Resources on mental health policy

List of resources

Process and participation issues

Reflections on Participation in Consultations


What Allies in the Psychiatric Profession Can Do

Stastny, Involuntary Psychiatric Interventions: Breach of Hippocratic Oath?