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Video Introduction to the Issues

Here is a video interview with Tina Minkowitz from a DVD called Visions available from www.qldalliance.org.au. The video was made in 2005, while the CRPD was still in process of development.

Segments include:

Introduction, psychiatric disability, CRPD, legal capacity

No deprivation of liberty based on disability

Forced interventions as torture

Outcome of the treaty and references 

Madness in the Academy

Flick Grey, Cath Roper, Merinda Epstein - recording from Melbourne Free University Nov 16, 2011


CRPD Slide Show and History

Tina Minkowitz presentation at Human Rights Celebration of Voices of the Heart Sept 20, 2012

More video presentations

Tina Minkowitz on The Impact of International Law on Mental Health Legislation and Q&A (Vancouver Public Library, March 2017) with slides

Tina Minkowitz on CRPD as Emancipatory Human Rights Practice (Confcap Conference, Paris Dec 2017) 

Tina Minkowitz on 'Fusion Laws and CRPD: Compatible or Not?' (CHRUSP Webinar, June 16, 2020)

Slides for Fusion Laws webinar FusionLawWebinarMInkowitz061620.pptx