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Information for Human Rights Advocates


Text of Disability Convention and Optional Protocol (pdf)Disability Convention(html) / Optional Protocol(html)

*Using Human Rights Mechanisms* *new* pdf  word

UN materials on human rights applying CRPD (**see also below, CRPD Committee work**)

Human Rights Instruments of the United Nations (website)

Special Rapporteur on Torture, Report on Torture and Persons with Disabilities (Nowak Report 2008)

Special Rapporteur on Torture, Report on Torture in Healthcare Settings (Mendez, 2013 - statement to Human Rights Council)  (en español)

        Mendez report 2013

        WNUSP response to Mendez report and statement

        Side event presentation

   Compilation of responses to Mendez report - includes his deferential reply to psychiatric associations, and Tina Minkowitz article among     many others

Special Rapporteur on Torture, Report on Standard Minimum Rules on the Treatment of Prisoners

Special Rapporteur on Torture Annual Report - see paragraph 202, case from Norway

UN Basic Principles and Guidelines on remedies and procedures against arbitrary detention

Revised Standard Minimum Rules on the Treatment of Prisoners - NB, some aspects problematic in light of CRPD, see my analysis

Rashida Manjoo Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, August 2012 Report and Statement at side event

OHCHR Information Note on Detention and Persons with Disabilities

OHCHR Study on Legal Measures to Ratify and Implement CRPD (see especially paragraphs 43-47 on legal capacity, and 48-49 on liberty)

UN OHCHR Guide to Monitoring CRPD (English pdf) (English word) (Spanish pdf)

OHCHR Study on Article 19 Living Independently and Being Included in the Community

OHCHR Background Note and Conclusions from Expert Meeting on Liberty and Security of the Person 

OHCHR Report on human rights and mental health

Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, UN Principles and Guidelines on Remedies and Procedures on the Right of Anyone Deprived of Their Liberty to Bring Proceedings Before a Court

Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, Urgent Appeal in case of forced psychiatry

Special Rapporteur on Health, Report on the right to mental health (not fully CRPD compliant re immediate elimination of coercion, but useful for critique of psychiatry)

Special Rapporteur on Torture (2020) - report on psychological torture, see mainly para 37 recapitulating standard that forced psychiatric interventions for supposed 'best interest' 'may well amount to torture'


CRPD Committee:

Reporting Guidelines for Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2009) (English) (Spanish)

Guidelines on Reporting including simplified procedure (Sept 2016)

CRPD Committee General Comment No. 1 on Article 12 (legal capacity)

CRPD Guidelines on Article 14

CRPD General Comment No. 3 on women with disabilities

CRPD General Comment No. 5 on Article 19, living independently and being included in community (links with Article 14 and refers to Guidelines)

CRPD General Comment No. 6 on Article 5, equality and non-discrimination

CRPD General Comment No. 7 on Articles 4.3 and 33.3

Concluding Observations:  Tunisia    Spain   Peru   Argentina    China   Hungary    Paraguay    El Salvador   Austria    Australia   Sweden  Azerbaijan    Costa Rica   Belgium   Denmark    Ecuador   Mexico    Republic of Korea   New Zealand  Cook Islands   Croatia  Czech Republic Dominican Republic Germany  Mongolia  Turkmenistan  Brazil    Mauritius    Kenya  Gabon   Qatar    Ukraine   Lithuania  Chile  Thailand  Uganda   Slovakia  Portugal   Serbia   Guatemala   Colombia  United Arab Emirates   Italy   Ethiopia   Bolivia

Note: for subsequent Concluding Observations please see CRPD Committee's website, also IDA compilations.

Statement for High Level Meeting on Disability and Development  


General Materials

CHRUSP Indicators revised (work in progress) as of 28 Feb 2019  word

CHRUSP Indicators on Articles 12, 14, 15, 19, 25  pdf   word

CHRUSP Recommended Indicators on CRPD Articles 14 and 15   pdf    word

Minkowitz, CRPD Advocacy by WNUSP and Emergence of User/Survivor Perspective

WNUSP CRPD Implementation Manual

CRPD 101

Remaking Human Rights

IDA Position Paper - CRPD and Other Disability-Related Instruments

Minkowitz Affidavit on CRPD standards

CHRUSP/Absolute Prohibition Campaign submission to consultation on Article 4.3

Tina Minkowitz on CRPD as Emancipatory Human Rights Practice (Confcap Conference, Paris Dec 2017)

CHRUSP third party intervention on COE Bioethics Convention

CHRUSP Deinstitutionalization Briefing Paper

Minkowitz, Reimagining Crisis Support: Matrix, Roadmap and Policy


Legal Capacity 

IDA CRPD Forum Principles for the Implementation of Article 12(english) pdf english  y doc en español  y pdf español

Legal Opinion on CRPD Article 12  / Opinion Legal sobre Articulo 12

IDA letter on Functional Capacity en español

Legal Capacity Implementation - presentation at April 8 side event

Norms and Implementation of Article 12

IDA Submission to Day of General Discussion on Article 12

CHRUSP-WNUSP Submission to Day of General Discussion on Article 12

WNUSP: Legal Capacity as Right, Principle and Paradigm (Submission to CRPD Committee)

The Paradigm of Supported Decision-Making(ppt)  in pdf

La capacidad legal inherente y la toma de decisiones con apoyo

CHRUSP Analysis of Hague Convention on International Protection of Adults

WNUSP on Political Participation and Legal Capacity

Alternative to Functional Capacity (paper by Tina Minkowitz)

Legal Capacity and Psychosocial Disability

Legal Capacity from a Gender Perspective

CRPD and Transformative Equality (author's original, version of record is at: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/international-journal-of-law-in-context/article/div-classtitlecrpd-and-transformative-equalitydiv/7F63D6E21C1F8D5811CE18837B9CBFF7). 

Analysis of Peru's legal capacity reform

Alternative Declaration developed at Seoul World Congress on Adult Guardianship 2018 - text with compiled signatures pdf and word

Prohibition of Involuntary Hospitalization and Involuntary Treatment: Countering Misapprehensions - Briefing paper BriefingPaperProhibitionInvol.docx

CHRUSP Amicus to Colombian Constitutional Court supporting Ley 1996, legal capacity reform


CHRUSP Paper - Why Mental Health Laws Contravene the CRPD (pdf) (word version)

WNUSP Amicus Brief to European Court of Human Rights, Mihailovs v. Latvia

WNUSP submissions to Human Rights Committee for General Comment on liberty and security of the person
Response on Paragraph 19 with alternative language - Full and Executive Summary
WNUSP/IDA press release Human Rights Committee still tolerates mental health detention 
WNUSP Submission to Working Group on Arbitrary Detention pdf and word

Right to live independently and be included in community
CHRUSP submission to Day of General Discussion on Article 19 pdf and word

Equality and non-discrimination
CHRUSP submission to OHCHR on equality and non-discrimination pdf and word

Forced Psychiatric Interventions as Torture

CHRUSP on access to justice for disability-related arbitrary detention and torture (pdf) and (word)

Third-Party Intervention in Daniels v Australia (CRPD Optional Protocol) (pdf) and word

Tina Minkowitz presentation to CRPD side event on Article 15

List of References for further reading on torture and nonconsensual psychiatric interventions

Hege Orefellen on reparations (from CRPD Art 15 side event)

Jolijn Santegoeds information (from CRPD Art 15 side event)

Experience of forced drugging and electroshock, NN

ENUSP/MDAC/IDA/WNUSP Submission to Special Rapporteur on Torture related to torture in healthcare settings (pdf)

Minkowitz expert submission and recommendations on torture in healthcare settings

Minkowitz, The UN CRPD and the Right to be Free from Nonconsensual Psychiatric Interventions

Forced interventions and institutionalization as torture/CIDT from perspetive of people with disabilities (presentation to OHCHR seminar on torture and persons with disabilities)

Alliance Against Torture in Psychiatry

WNUSP summary of CAT standards and advocacy paper

Minkowitz commentary on 2020 report by Special Rapporteur on Torture


Application of CRPD to Human Rights Monitoring of Psychiatric Institutions and Prisons 

CHRUSP/WNUSP/IDA Recommendations for OPCAT Monitoring of Psychiatric Institutions

WNUSP Submission to Thematic Discussion on Monitoring Psychiatric Institutions and Prisons


Prison Reform/Abolition and CRPD

Minkowitz, "Rethinking criminal responsibility from a critical disability perspective: The abolition of insanity/incapacity acquittals and unfitness to plead, and beyond" (This is Accepted Manuscript; Version of Record is available at http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10383441.2014.1013177#abstract)

WNUSP paper for SMR review meeting March 2014  SMR Submission Jan 2014

WNUSP/ENUSP/IDA/MDAC amicus brief in Koroviny v Russia

Submission to Special Rapporteur on Torture regarding the Standard Minimum Rules

WNUSP/PANUSP/CHRUSP Statement and Textual Amendments to SMR

WNUSP/CHRUSP Submission Dec 2012 to Review of Standard Minimum Rules

Discussion Paper on Prison and Mental Health Systems, Hazen and Minkowitz

Intervention at Vienna Inter-Governmental Expert Meeting on Standard Minimum Rules

WNUSP submission for revision of UN Standard Minimum Rules for Treatment of Prisoners

WNUSP position paper on prison and mental health

Daniel Hazen presentation on mental health, criminal justice and trauma

Minkowitz presentation on Insanity Defense Abolition and Alternatives (NARPA 2014)

Minkowitz commentary on US Supreme Court decision regarding insanity defense

Minkowitz and Fleischner Amicus to International Criminal Court in Ongwen case, on CRPD implications for insanity defense


Forced Psychiatry as Violence against Women

CHRUSP submission to CEDAW Consultation on draft Update of General Recommendation No. 19 (violence against women)(pdf) and  word

WNUSP side event on CRPD Article 6, Aug 2015

CHRUSP comments on Human Rights Committee draft General Comment on right to life, from gender and disability perspective

CHRUSP submission to Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Intersection between Women's Oppression and Psychiatric Oppression

WNUSP/CHRUSP Submission on Violence Against Women with Disabilities

CHRUSP paper on Forced Psychiatry as Violence Against Women

INWWD paper on Violence Against Women with Disabilities

INWWD Beijing Plus 15 paper


CRPD and Prohibition of Forced Psychiatry

WNUSP on Prohibition of Forced Treatment  (English pdf)  (English word) (Spanish word)  

What would it mean to stop coercion in psychiatry?

WNUSP Submission on Harmful Cultural Practices


CRPD and Rights of Older Persons

WNUSP recommendations to OAS English y Español

WNUSP/CHRUSP submission to OHCHR consultation

Text proposals for potential new UN instrument on rights of older persons

CHRUSP Submissions to 9th session Open Ended Working Group on Ageing - on the designated topics Autonomy and Independence, Long-term and Palliative Care, and normative standards on Equality and Non-discrimination and on Violence, Neglect and Abuse

CHRUSP Statements to 9th OEWG - General DebateAutonomy and Independence, Long-term Care and Palliative Care, and Normative Standards on Equality and Non-discrimination and on Violence, Neglect and Abuse 


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